Friday, 19 February 2016

Working with Scholl

Date: 3 & 4 July 2015

I update in Facebook more often than this webbie (can't find any good excuse >.<)  When potential customers found this web-site, they had to ask whether Precious Nail still operating or not lolxx...

YES!  I am keeping it going!

Some time in July 2015, Scholl had engaged me to promote Scholl Electric Foot File.
Product demo with mini pedi was done at Takashimaya's Watsons.

During that time, this particular Watsons did not provide enough lockers for promoters;
 they don't have any electric system for clock in and out;
they do not allow promoters (or only us) to carry more than S$10 in our wallets;
they screamed at my working partner for wearing black converse shoes with a white base.
It's quite ashamed.

But it was great experience, especially when Scholl was really nice to work with, my pleasure :))

For other successful events Precious Nail had done, click HERE.

Precious Nail provides express lacquer manicure, express gel polish manicure, hand massages etc for corporate events and beauty brands.

Please email or contact Susan Wong via whatsapp 8338 3481for any queries.  Thank you!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Price List Adjustment

Some savings for customers here, 
and a little increase there to be fair.

We are located at Tampines St 72;
Whatsapp or Msg Susan 8338 3481 for queries or appointment.

~ Thank you ~

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Working with GelLack at Watsons Office

Date: 17.04.2015

Every time when I was approached by a brand, they will always request to have a briefing session a day before the actual event.   I would tell them not to worry, I will arrived earlier before the event starts to take a look at the products and I am confident that I can tackle and handle all sorts of gel and polish within minutes.

My 8 years of experience in nail industry is for real.

So, here I was, my first visit at Watsons' office after being a loyal customer for so long.

Within a few minutes, I could handle the brand at ease.

Not much photos were taken as I was busy non-stop doing express manicure for the Watsons ladies.
They were all so excited and happy with the manicure treat!
I am really happy to contribute to this successful event.

GelLack targets ladies who prefers to DIY their nails with gel.  They have a small range of safe colors, portable LED lamp, base and top coats etc.

These are some of the designs I had done using their colors.

Make a difference for your brand or event.

For queries or quotation
 Contact us via email
Whatsapp Susan 8338 3481

Thursday, 29 January 2015

CNY Nails 2015 Bookings


For existing customers, sorry I have to repeat myself, cos' there are new girls who needs to know....

Precious Nail Services is home-base at Tampines, run by an auntie called Susan.

The following nail services are available for Chinese New Year 2015 -
* Classic Gelish Mani $50 (include soak off)
* Classic Gelish Pedi $56 (include soak off)
* Classic Polish Pedi $22
*  Express Polish Pedi $11

How to book -
* Whatsapp/msg Susan 8338 3481
* State your name, what you like to do, date and time
* Will receive reply on the day itself for slot availability
* Once confirm, transfer $20 deposit to POSB Savings 084-77500-2 within 3 days
* Please note that deposit is non-refundable, for no shows/cancellation

I am merely earning a living, so msg me only if you really want to do your nails.

Thank you those ladies who's supporting me for the pass 8 years.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas Nails

There are some ladies who asked why did I pull out classic/express lacquer manicure from our service list.

The main reason is that as lacquer polishes takes some time to dry, it's difficult to work on wet surfaces and very prone to accident.  Both application of gelish and polish takes about the same time. I think it's more worth it to pay a little more for something more lasting than to waste $10++ for something that will chip off as soon as you fidget with your keys or simply zip up your jeans.

For now, here's a few shiny armors of Christmas nails..

I don't implement packages and neither do I push sales (I rather "conserve" my energy to serve you better);
All I offer is workmanship at my best at reasonable rates.

Whatsapp or msg Susan at 8338 3481 if you -
Like my work and stays around east area (we are home base at Tampines).

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Collaboration with Bellaoggi

Recently, I had been collaborating with quite a few beauty brands.  Last Friday was a special one with Bellaoggi, a Italian beauty brand which required nailarts.

I managed to tuck in my art brushes, acrylic paints and a hand rest all into this golden hand carry cosmetic case.  It looked so glam with my all black outfit.

My work station from Friday to Sunday, at Bugis Junction Hylam Street.

Bellaoggi had engaged Precious Nail Services to promote their gel-effect nail lacquers.

Such collaboration work "force" me to adapt to lacquers of different textures, different bottles and brushes within a very short time frame.  As in I have to familiarize myself with them in a couple of minutes.  Then I have to hold them in my palm affectionately and paint flawlessly on customers or guests, heehee...  Pretty challenging and I love it!

Bellaoggi gel effect lacquers are bold with strong color pigments.  Love their flat wide brush and the streak-free texture.  In fact I was quite impressed by the quality.
I had gain knowledge and valuable experiences exposing to different brands, not just OPI OPI and only OPI.

The following were some of the nails I had done with Bellaoggi lacquers over their 3 days roadshow -

The satisfying smiles on the customers looking at their mirror shine manicures were priceless and motivated me further.  Friendly and understanding working partners of Bellaoggi had also made everything most pleasant during my tough period, very thankful to them.

If your beauty brand needs a professional manicurist to run a event or promotion, please drop us a email -
Whatsapp/msg Susan Wong 8338 3481

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

October Promotion

Giving you a good reason to pamper your nails and gel them up this October.