Friday, 19 February 2016

Working with Scholl

Date: 3 & 4 July 2015

I update in Facebook more often than this webbie (can't find any good excuse >.<)  When potential customers found this web-site, they had to ask whether Precious Nail still operating or not lolxx...

YES!  I am keeping it going!

Some time in July 2015, Scholl had engaged me to promote Scholl Electric Foot File.
Product demo with mini pedi was done at Takashimaya's Watsons.

During that time, this particular Watsons did not provide enough lockers for promoters;
 they don't have any electric system for clock in and out;
they do not allow promoters (or only us) to carry more than S$10 in our wallets;
they screamed at my working partner for wearing black converse shoes with a white base.
It's quite ashamed.

But it was great experience, especially when Scholl was really nice to work with, my pleasure :))

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Precious Nail provides express lacquer manicure, express gel polish manicure, hand massages etc for corporate events and beauty brands.

Please email or contact Susan Wong via whatsapp 8338 3481for any queries.  Thank you!

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