Monday, 9 July 2012

How is gel extension done?

Gel extension can be done in 2 methods. One method is using a sticker nail form, which is more time consuming and yet the result is not as good as acrylic nails.  Another method is using tips as shown below, which is also the method I prefer.

It's very amusing looking before the tips are trimmed to the proper length, heehee....

The tips are then trim to the length you require and buff till they look like your own nails.

A few layers of gel will be applied over the nails to secure the tips, each layer, nails have to be bake cure under a UV lamp.

Once done, it's super glossy as if it's wet, when it's actually fully dry.  That's the beauty of gel nails.  This is a set of bridal nails with lace sticker embedded inside the gel.  I'll get request for this design every now and then.

This is another set of extension with purple and bluish tips.  The camera not able to capture the 2 colors.  This set is longer than the bridal set above.  How does this lady type with such long nails?  She told me she bought a rubber keyboard which is flat without any gaps, so no chance of her nails getting trap hur hur........

Our gel extension is $70, additional gel color add $10, gel french $15.

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